Sunday, January 1, 2017

SJSP Pilgrimage of the Saints - 12 Days of Christmas

    24 Instructors from St. John's Summer Program will make a pilgrimage to the saints of 
    Italy over Christmas break 2016/17.  During the 12 days of Christmas, under the 
    spiritual guidance of Fr. Ray Schmidt and Fr. Larry Swink, we will visit nearly 75 saints         and holy sites throughout Italy.  Joining the youth will be Sr. Rock of Constancy (former       SJSP Instructor) and Sr. Paradisi from the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara 
    religious order, Meg Hunter-Kilmer (Catholic speaker and blogger), Steph Dameron 
    (Ryken teacher and former SJSP Instructor), Diana Huber (SJ's Sacristan) and Rich Olon 
    (Summer Program Director).  Our goal is to briefly introduce our youth to many of the 
    wonderful holy saints and sites that Italy has to offer; hopefully sparking a passion for 
    the faith and a desire to return someday to spend more time with their favorites.

                      Slideshow of our 2014-15 Italy Pilgrimage of the Saints


              Our Pilgrims

Saints and Sites Guide

Our Saints and Sites Guide

Thanks to all of the instructors who helped put this together!  It was a great addition

to our pilgrimage.